I’m addicted to Serial, a true crime investigation (of sorts) told over 12 variable-length episodes, and I’m not the only one – almost everybody I know is waiting with bated breath for the next installment. It’s terrific story-telling, and there’s also plenty of room for meta-discussion of the construction and ethics of this kind of thing: each week, along with the latest episode, I’m devouring Slate’s Spoiler Special and participating in a Facebook group, as well as just generally bending the ear of anybody I can find to discuss it with.

Podcasts are back, it seems.

I’ve never really been able to listen to anything other than music while I work, which makes it hard to fit podcasts in, but I’ve enjoyed This American Life and Radiolab for a long time, and I’ve listened to various Spanish podcasts in bursts. In recent months, due to all the running and walking I’ve been doing, I’ve added a few new ones to my list, too – the Slate Culture Gabfest, Sporkful – and returned to a few old favourites, like On The Media, Planet Money, and New Yorker Fiction.

And FINALLY there are the excellent podcasts made by friends, including Bring A Plate, Scummy Mummies and Stage Door, none of which are necessarily about things I’m urgently interested in (musicals, motherhood), but each of which is funny, warm and well-produced. To this list I expect to add Stupidly Big whenever it gets off the ground.