7:00: Heat oven for bread; remove dough from fridge
7:50: Bread into
8:35: Bread out of oven
8:45: Blind-bake pie case
9:10: Fill + bake pie
9:15: Start on gravy stock
9:50: Check pie

1:15: Turkey out of fridge; cranberry sauce out of fridge
2:15: Turkey into oven; stuffing out of fridge
3:00: Stuffing into oven
3:05: Potatoes on to boil, top and tail beans

(people arrive. olives + glazed pecans + cheese bisuits on table. bubbles.)

3:30: Turkey from oven to rest; boil water; plates into cooling oven with bread
3:35: Make gravy
3:45: Boil beans
3:55: Finish off mashed potato
4:00: Carve turkey, cheese out of fridge

(serve + eat)

4:30: Warm pie for five minutes. Kettle on.
4:35: Serve pie + cream + ice-cream + cheese + biscuits + tea.