In this widely-linked interview with Pitchfork, Bjork says a number of interesting things about women in the music industry; this one resonated with me:

I’ve been guilty of one thing: After being the only girl in bands for 10 years, I learned — the hard way — that if I was going to get my ideas through, I was going to have to pretend that they—men—had the ideas. I became really good at this and I don’t even notice it myself. I don’t really have an ego. I’m not that bothered. I just want the whole thing to be good. And I’m not saying one bad thing about the guys who were with me in the bands, because they’re all amazing and creative, and they’re doing incredible things now. But I come from a generation where that was the only way to get things done. So I have to play stupid and just do everything with five times the amount of energy, and then it will come through.

I fight against my impulse to do this all the time, but every time I accidentally slip and let it happen, I’m rewarded for it, and it makes me sick with shame.