I have to be honest: the only lyrics of All That She Wants that I ever really held onto were:

When she woke up late in the morning light
And the day had just begun


All that she wants is another baby


She’s going to get you

And I always assumed that it was a lady yearning (in the morning light) to have another baby.

Anyway, I’m sad that nobody’s annotated it on Genius, because now, looking at the complete lyrics, I’m wondering: is she even TALKING ABOUT HUMAN BABIES? Like, maybe she means “baby” as in “dude”? She is Swedish or something, after all. And does this mean that my wistful femmo ‘moshuns about a young Swedish lady yearning for another baby, every time I hear this song, in usually a bar, in usually Cleveland airport, are completely misplaced?

I mean, is “She’s going to get you” a plan to entrap a baby-daddy? Or just her quest for a QF?

PS Analysing song lyrics so like Grooving the Bag I DIE