Fuck ISIS says John Oliver. It’s no less useful a reaction than any, really. Every time this thing happens, and I suppose we have to accept that it will happen periodically, it’s a struggle to find appropriate ways of expressing anger, or sympathy, or sadness, or willingness to look for real solutions, or whatever.

Among the endless inches of text written about the Paris attacks, I found this article particularly illuminating – I was struck by the description of how ISIS manipulates the emotions and energy of young adults, and how difficult it is for generic lecturing at a distance to compete with that one-on-one intensity.

Waleed Aly on The Project works along the same lines: ISIS (or ISIL or DAESH) thrives on our lack of unity and is inflated by our fear.

But so little of this nuanced analysis seems to affect those responsible for foreign policy. It’s just like, let’s carpet-bomb the Middle East and send some ground troops in for good measure. Ugh.