Two things have made me cry inconsolably for > 5 minutes in the last 24 hours: a story about a refugee cat reunited with its owners after travelling from Syria, through Turkey, Greece, Germany and Norway, and a song by Missy Higgins about the death of Alan Kurdi as his family struggled to find a way to a better life in Canada.

Sort of relatedly, I was a bit baffled by the Slate Culture Gabfest team’s indifference to the film Brooklyn, which they took as a neat romance with a migration angle, and which I cried so much during I thought I was going to be physically sick.

Maybe my own (extremely happy and fulfilling) experience of life away from home has opened my eyes a fraction wider to this stuff? Or maybe I’m just human being. I don’t know. But it depresses me that most people don’t / won’t / can’t understand what a terrible, wrenching sacrifice people are making when they leave their homes to escape danger or suffering or oppression. I’m so glad when artists and journalists and etc. find ways to tell these stories in ways that bridge the gap. Except that I’d prefer not to see any more of them this week, thank you very much.