The last few years I’ve made Hot Cross Buns using this recipe. This year, I made some small adjustments:

  • I candied my own goddamn peel, because America. By some stroke of GENIUS, I saved the beautifully orange-inflected sugar syrup, and was then able to use it to glaze the buns when they came out of the oven. PRO MOVE, do recommend.
  • I used more wholewheat flour – I replaced 100gms of the white bread flour in the starter.
  • On my esteemed brother’s suggestion, I reduced the hydration slighty – 300gms of warm milk rather than 340gms
  • Also on Huw’s suggestion, I added the drained fruit after a couple of turns, which did make it much easier to manage, and probably meant the bulk fermentation was… bulkier.
  • I snuggled the buns up a bit closer after shaping – more like 1cm apart – to prove and bake, because that makes them look proper when they come out of the oven, and it’s easier to do the crosses when they’re closer together.
  • I used a tin with sides this year, which means that the buns are a bit moister inside, and probably could have gone ~10 minutes longer in the oven.

Thank you, Jesus.